Agate Beach Oregon

Welcome to Agate Beach, Oregon, an unincorporated community of Lincoln County. Agate Beach lies 1 mile north of Newport.

Agate Beach in the State of OregonAgate Beach is named for the smooth, translucent stones that populate this Pacific Ocean shoreline, making this area a beachcomber's paradise. Learn more about Agate Beach State Recreation Site.

A walk to the beach includes passage through an historic tunnel. This tunnel was once used by early cattle farmers who lead cattle through it to enjoy the salt of the ocean.

Agate Beach is known to surfers for its great waves.

Historically, the area's most famous citizen is American composer, Ernest Bloch. He created many of his famous compositions in his family home at Agate Beach. A memorial honoring Bloch's musical accomplishments is located in nearby Newport.

This is a view from a location just north of Nye Beach in Newport looking back towards Agate Beach.

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